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I am just a gamer like all of you who visit this blog, unfortunately i cant get any kind of prepaid card thanks to the economical status of my country so i searched and searched hard for a way to get a prepaid card and i found a website that says an easy way to get what i want but unfortunately its not that easy. It says that i just need to create an account and they will give me a link, and wich should share that link with my friends, family and post it on famous videos in other websites ect. and each person who clicks that link gives me 1 point but to get just a paysafe of 10 $ i need to gather 1000 of those points, so as you can understand its not enough to get 1000 points you can click yourself everyday once and your friends can click it once a day but who has many friends and relatives for you to get 1000 points quickly. Easy, no one thats why i made this site but i made it not only for me but to help other people who have the same roblem as me to gather points faster too. cause no one wants to be an old man by the time they finish. Right ?

As you guessed !!!!!

This blog is for the sole purpose of making the chalenge of gathering 1000 clicks a little easier for everyone !!!!

My link is

Show me your links too and i promise i will help you !!!!!